SES KIMYA TEMIZLIK URUNLERI GIDA SAN. VE TIC. A.S. Cleaning Products, Household Cleaning Products, Dishwasher Detergent, Dishwasher Salt, Laundry Detergent, Hair Conditioner, Shampoo, Kitchen Cleaner
MSG INTERNATIONAL Cosmetic, Cleaning Product, Cleaning Chemical, Baby Shampoo, Baby Diaper, Soap, Shampoo, Air Freshener
ETAP KOZMETIK KIMYA A.S. Cleaning Products, Household Cleaning Products, Powder Cleaning Products, Liquid Cleaning Products, Gel Cleaning Products, Cosmetic Products, Laundry Detergents, Air Fresheners
GULF TEMIZLIK A.S. Food Packing, Packing Products, Packaging Products, Food Packaging Products, Food Packing Products, Paper Packing Products, Paper Packaging Products, Cleaning And Hygiene Products
MIKRO MIS ULUSAL LTD. STI. cleaning items, cleaning materials, wet wipes, sponges, kitchen sponges, scouring pads, scouring sponges, baby wipes
UCTEM-PLAS PLASTIK TEMIZLIK GIDA MADDELERI SAN. TIC. LTD. Cleaning Material, Plasticware, Household Material, Plastic Trolley, Dispenser, Cleaning Trolley, Service Cart, Mop Frame

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MIKROMISS, continuing their activities with a very strong collaboration in Turkey and in abroad and nowadays reached many large and medium-sized production facilities as lines for Wet Wipes, Washing Liquid & Liquid Soap, Sponges, Cleaning Cloths, Otc, DermoCosmetic, Fiber Felt, Hotel Group Product Groups. MIKROMISS in line with its mission, attaches importance to people and human health, adopts quality as a philosophy of life, makes use of advanced technologies, performs production at international standarts, develops economic products, and customer oriented and open to continuous development. The full accoutred R & D centre of company developing always new formulations and working on quality improvement.Company coming in this sector one of the leading suppliers of Cleaning Cloth and Cosmetics products. Young, creative and professional team to serving and design there for human health. MIKROMISS quality management and facilities, certificates, products are range, producing and processing on GMP standard and approved by FDA auditing from America. Aware of its social,environmental and economic impacts ,as well as its responsibilities towards its stakeholders, MIKROMISS believes in serving sustainability with an ethical ,transparent and accountable corporate management approach as an indispensable part of its business approach and corporate culture. Our products are exporting to Central Asia, Middle East and Europe countries.
First of all, we are excited about sharing with you our knowledge and experiences which we acquired over 20 years of our production life as Uctem Plas. We started our production in 1997 in 50m2 area as Uctem Plas then improve our capacity to 5000 m2. Today we keep improving ourselves with modern equipment and machines in 15000 m2. With our qualified staff, our constant principles are high quality, good service, perfect timing and competitive prices. In addition, we have started to manufacture our own moulds with our final system CNC tools in 2002 to keep going stronger and more active on our way. Hereby we improved quality and originality of our products so we have increased our customer number and got larger places in sector. We are exporting over 50 countries mainly in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and other Asia countries. We take maximum care about environmental pollution and recycling to protect human health, nature and natural resources and we externalize this attitude on our products. Living with the principles continuity and success in production and high quality and honesty in service Uctem Plas thanks you for your close interest and will continue to serve you today and tomorrow. Our growth trend, which has been improving for years guarantee you that you will be grateful to meet and work with us.
The company,entered the cleaning industry in 1963 by mass production of bar soaps,and in 2001 it built 4th detergent powder tower of Turkey and started in-house production of detergent powder. As one of the most prominent detergent manufacturer of Turkey, Caglayan Chemicals, manufactures liquid detergents, powder detergents, strong acidic and alkaline (basic) type of detergents and also industrial cleaning products Under constant supervision of chemical engineers, all products are manufactured in fully automated production facilities. With close scrutiny and analysis, products are processed in mixture division. After awaiting in cold temperature for a proper time, the products are processed in liquification area. Filling and packaging are the last processes before our products shipped to our valuable customers. Quality standards of Caglayan Chemicals are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Caglayan Chemicals, operating with 100% Turkish Capital, and having Turkish and international quality certification, is a well known and well accepted company with "Yetis" brand which is widely used in the local market and "Puffy" brand which sells in international markets. With the prime principle of "Cleanliness is civilizations", over half a century of experience, and happiness of being born in Anatolia, the heart of civilizations, we produce snow flakes that strengthen the cleaning and we transform the harmony of water and soap into the energy of cleanlines. We carry Caglayan's passion and the energy of cleanliness from Konya to all over the World,
Ses Kimya A.S. is the manufacturing company with 21 years of industrial & commercial experience. Date and place of establishment: 1999, Istanbul (Turkey) Activity: manufacturing of household chemicals, cleaning products, cosmetics, personal care products and road reagents. Type of enterprise: Joint-stock company The territory occupied by the enterprise: 2.000 m2 HISTORY • 1999 – foundation of the company Ses Kimya A.S. The main activity of the company was production of powder and liquid detergents in the enterprise with a covered area of 665 m². The company was producing 72 different types of products and created a domestic network of dealers in the field of cleaning products. • 2002 – thanks to the establishment in the structure of the company of the laboratory department of research and development (R & D Laboratory), Ses Kimya A.S. began to work over the production of environmentally friendly chemicals, expanding the production area to 2.000 m², and the products’ types up to 120 items. • 2004 – using innovative technologies and the development of our chemists, the company began the production of environmentally friendly reagents as a result of searching for alternatives to replace the previously existing methods of fighting snow and ice. • 2008 – having the aim of expanding the sales of products, the company entered into the international markets. The company’s products have a successful demand in the countries of the Near and Middle East, Africa, South America, some CIS countries and the Balkans. Till these days Ses Kimya A.S. successfully runs foreign economic activities by selling and marketing its products in 23 countries around the world. LABORATORY Due to investments in the research laboratory Ses Kimya A.S. ensured the possibility of expanding the range of environmentally friendly chemical products. The company uses its modern production facilities in full for the production of such products. Ses Kimya A.S. is proud to be the first company in Turkey which succeeded in the development of environmentally friendly road reagents when fighting against snow and ice-slick. At present, our laboratory research and development department continues to develop new products to be used in the aviation sector aimed for fighting an erosion.
Having laid the foundations in the year 2002 to meet the basic needs and requirements of Consumers, to carry out the production, packaging, and distributing the Market Products providing solution to daily needs, the GULF GROUP which carried out the production and marketing activities aimed at Market and Retail Points with its product range of 6 categories and 400 different products, is continuing its activities in its sector within a very rooted and institutional development trend. With its professionally working staff, in the successful adventure of marketing, distribution and production, assuming all as a whole from the material quality to transportation, from the technological and International standards to employers' quality within the Total Quality Sensibility, GULF GROUP, is applying a process in all Sales, Distribution and Marketing phases which is highly advanced and having international accreditation. Filling an important gap in its sector with more than 400 products in 6 categories as a result of that successful development, GULF GROUP, has been realizing the quality control in its entire works from the beginning of the production. In our company, following the Consumers' demands without cease and making the product developments which could satisfy those expectations continuously, our main principle is the definitive customer satisfaction based on persistence. Our company which deems the human and the responsibility to human being as its primary element is also feeling the right proud of carrying the brand NEW CITY out of the country borders, thus becoming a global player, through its exportation it realized to Europe, Middle east, Africa, and Balkan states. Our company will keep increasingly its studies it put forth alongside with the product and approach difference and the responsibility insight brought by it. Wishing you to choose us in our way to deserve you...
MSG trading is a global foreign trade company which aims to provide fast reliable and high quality service by using innovative methods and technology. Our Company carrying out operations about importation, exportation and trilateral business transactions aiming to provide benefits to the international and multi-dimensional business activities for increasing in the volume of world trade as a result of establishing the balance between global products’ supply and demand.